Outdoor Storage, Haul, Launch, Shrinkwrap Service

Outdoor Storage, Haul, Launch, Wrap Service

We offer a complete haul and launch service for trailerable boats, both power and sail, and through service partners, a travel lift haul and launch service for larger yachts.

We have outdoor storage.

In addition we offer a complete shrinkwrap service.

The “PSEA YACHT WRAP” is a protective disposable plastic cover for your boat or yacht, installed by our staff at your location or ours, it is designed to keep your boat or yacht protected from the elements.

This service combines PSEA’s standard high quality workmanship with fully recyclable plastic, a sturdy frame and supports, periodic winter inspection of the cover and a warranty of our cover to 50 knots of wind.

We install these covers paying special attention to protecting topside paints/coverings, avoiding moisture/mildew buildup and ensuring durability in tough winter conditions.

With this in mind we install these covers with proper vents to facilitate good ventilation and install the plastic on rigid frames, well secured over the entire yacht.

Please keep in mind that wrapping a boat or yacht in a boat yard requires our employees to be on the boat, frequently in inclement weather in dirty conditions. This will almost always result in the boat needing a complete exterior wash at re-launch.

We also offer a spring COVER REMOVAL and SPARKLE CLEAN service .We remove and dispose of the cover  and completely clean, when launched, the boat externally (and internally) if required.

We also offer our PREMIERESEA YACHT CARE PROGRAM. This is our complete yacht care package which includes a complete systems check, repair as necessary, cleaning, engine service, commissioning, rig check, install of all gear/equipment and delivery to your wharf ready to go. Call us for details.

Please call us today for a quote on our PSEA YACHT WRAP or our other services and visit our website for a complete description of PremiereSEA LTD., and its services.

E-mail: [email protected]


Phone: (902) 273-7732

Address:  #8-4171 Hwy #3 (next to carwash in the Access Storage Building.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/PremiereSea Ltd.

After hours emergency:

Colleen 902-277-2262 or Cam 902-223-2966


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