Yacht Management

Yacht Care Management

PremiereSEA Yacht Care is a planned preventative maintenance program for boats and yachts which is centered on a scheduled test and repair/replace process of all shipboard systems and equipment to ensure that equipment weakness/malfunction is detected and corrected prior to failure.

The objective is to maximize the owner’s use and enjoyment of the vessel by ensuring, to the extent possible, that she is in good repair and fully operable through out the season, and particularly when the owner wishes to use her.

The plan is simple, but very effective. We go aboard the yacht and give her a thorough inspection and provide a list identifying items requiring repair, replacement or attention. We also prepare a recommended repair and maintenance program specific to your yacht which lists the checks appropriate to the equipment and systems on a timetable basis. This list includes recommended steps necessary for routine and preventative maintenance and identifies parts that require regular replacement.

The owner can then specify whether he wishes us to perform all or some of the identified repairs and we discuss and agree on a recommended inspection program going forward.

We implement the program and as scheduled check the vessel, all systems, engines and rig to ensure proper functionality. For the owners convenience, as much of any identified service/repair/ replace work as possible is scheduled over the winter, with the work completed, as always, only with the fully informed consent of the owner.

Our complete program involves a spring launch to the owner’s schedule. The vessel is then commissioned for full operation, and all systems run up and verified. The entire vessel is then thoroughly cleaned prior to delivery. We visit the yacht again in mid summer and check all systems, and (if necessary and with the owners consent,) service/repair/replace any systems or equipment then found in need.  In the fall, systems are winterized, checked again and repaired as necessary.  The yacht is prepared for winter and stored under our care and checked through out the winter for storage issues. .

Of course, in spite of the best laid plans, things do still occasionally break without warning. As a Yacht Care Program customer, we would be available to you for repairs /service on an emergency basis, 7 days a week, in season.

This program is effective because it allows us, as your marine service provider to get to know the vessel, her systems /equipment, and permits PSEA and you the owner to keep on top of wear and tear. As mentioned the program also allows us to identify and stock those spare parts for the specific vessel which are most likely to need periodic attention (filters, impellers, spark plugs, oil, etc.) and which may be hard to find at 10 o’clock on Sunday morning July 26th.

In short, you will own a yacht that is professionally maintained and fully operational, ready for you, your family and friends to enjoy when you are able to use it!

Just as important perhaps is the assurance that you only pay for actual service/repairs/maintenance done with your approval..

We would be pleased to discuss this plan with you further.

Happy Sailing ! PremiereSEA Ltd.

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